Good afternoon traders, we like to present you our swing view on GBPCHF , USDCAD ,  and GBPNZD

Gbpchf :

From this chart below , we can see a v2 corrective phase toward a declining lower channel, if all factor remain equal, we should see a dip start from this area . we therefore will love to wait for EOD to see any rejection and a posible sell will be taken on this pair next london open

Pgfx market analysis chart 3_31_2020

Invalidation will be the high created today. With a view for a new lower low , trade should run for at least a week.


On the 4 hour tf … this pair is seen rejecting a declining TL , is market close this way today , we should see a continuation in the drop in dollar strength  a new low is expected @ 1.3900. we will take a pullback sell trade next London market

Pgfx market analysis chart 3_31_2020.png (2)


With a view the latest report of contraction in manufacturing unit in New Zealand , we like to wait to see how this pattern play out. This is our swing trade for the month of April, therefore any sign of rejection from the 2.1000 zone will trigger our action to sell this pair … and hold for long term

Pgfx market analysis chart 3_31_2020 (3)

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