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Daily Outlook 30th June 2020

The Euro Zone Hope The range trading seen across multiple asset classes in recent times showed no signs of significant movement  overnight. The geopolitical front, however, looks to be a busy one today. The details of Hong Kong’s new security law to be enacted into Basic Law by Beijing will be fully unveiled today ahead […]

Trade Review 29th January 2020

Good morning traders, we present to you an update on our running position USDCAD and  a new position on EURJPY. On USDCAD, SL is now at 1.3197 and a new trade is to be added at 1.3175 with TP towards 1.3125 area. On EURJPY, we can see that the monthly flow is bullish with price […]

Daily Outlook (London Session) 17th January 2020

Dear Traders, Good morning, we have EURUSD to present today. The weekly cycle analysis on the pair indicates bearish bias and therefore with the PA on the chart 4hr tf, we can see that the BEARS are lurking From intraday point of view, we have an obvious BMS around 1.1140 with resistance @ 1.1145 line […]

Daily Outlook (London Session) 16th January 2020

Dear Traders , Good morning with respect to the market overview, we pose to update on our running trade on GBPUSD and also present to you a new setup on USDJPY. Our bias and view on GBPUSD is still bullish with intraday support residing at 1.3010 are. If mrk drift to this price we will […]

Daily Outlook (London Session) 15th January 2020

Dear traders, Good morning, we will be exploring the pair GBPUSD for the London session today. Looking at the weekly cycle, we can see that the pair is forming a base around 1.2975 and a break of trendline above 1.3050 should expose 1.3300 before the bear can resume again, therefore our view is bullish on […]

Daily Outlook

Dear Traders, we will be taking a look at the pair USDCAD. From the above chart, 4hr timeframe shows an exhaustive rally last week and this suggests that we can only expect a possible last leg rally for a retest of 1.3100  for a trap of buy stop liquidity pool residing above last week high […]