Trade Review 31st January 2020

Good morning dear traders, the fundamental outlook for today suggests caution as BREXIT news will be coming up later in the day. We therefore want to limit our view to EURAUD for today. The pair started the month with a bearish bias and the current phase of the market shows that the pair is now […]

Trade Review 30th January 2020

Good morning traders, We will be presenting you an intraday traday trade on GBPCAD and a swing position outlook on EURUSD. GBPCAD: From the weekly outlook, we can see that the pair has a break of  DL currently pulling back. We therefore, having considered the intraday bias, set a SELL STOP order at 1.7175 with […]

Trade Review 29th January 2020

Good morning traders, we present to you an update on our running position USDCAD and  a new position on EURJPY. On USDCAD, SL is now at 1.3197 and a new trade is to be added at 1.3175 with TP towards 1.3125 area. On EURJPY, we can see that the monthly flow is bullish with price […]

Trade Review 28th January 2020

Dear Traders, Good morning, we love to update our USDCAD order. Please cancel the pending sell trade and await to sell on rejection of CMA. From intraday point of view, the pair having stayed long for days, we recommend a sell stop @ 1.3180 with SL @ 1.3215 and TP @ 1.3140 USDCHF: The weekly […]

Trade Review 27th January 2020

Dear Traders, Good morning , we will like to present  you our view on GBPUSD and USDCAD. GBPUSD: we can see that the last 2 weeks printed us a bullish bounce off the dynamic MA, we therefore will look to buy this pair the week from low , however we expect a hunt both side […]

Trade Review 24th January 2020

Good morning traders, permit me to say a big congrats to you if you have been following us. So far this week we got TP hit on most of our trades. This morning , we present to you GBPCHF setup. From the weekly cycle, we can see that pair made an exhautive drive to the […]

Trade Review 23rd January 2020

Dear Traders, Good morning. We will be presenting you with 3 pairs today; GBPCAD , USDCAD and EURGBP. USDCAD: the interest rate release for canada was unchanged at 1.75% and a bit of neutral monetary speech attached. However, CAD weakened after the release. With respect to the technical print, we love to counter trade today […]

Trade Review 22nd January 2020

Dear Traders, Good morning, we like to update the current running trades on GBPCAD and GBPCAD and add EURAUD. On GBPCAD , we have a technical divergence at the top and a reason to have more confidence on the existing sell trade to 1.7000 area where we have the intraday bullish support line. On GBPUSD, […]

Trade Review 21st January 2020

Dear Traders, Dear Traders, We present to you our update on GBPUSD and GBPCAD  for the london session. Please do note that Donald Trump Impeachment trial in senate starts today, market may react to flimsy speeches. GBPUSD:   From the weekly cycle , we can see an obvious BMS  from last week tap point, therefore a […]

Trade Review 20th January 2020

Good morning dear Traders, We have a view on 2 pairs today. EURGBP and USDCAD. The intraday bias on EURGBP suggest a bear flow and therefore we can sight a trend accelation to resistance … if failure is seen here a sell stop should triger as indicated. Meanwhile, the weekly flow suggest a mixed view […]

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